About Us

VLF medical tourism, a family-owned business concern, works with a prime motive to reach out people from all walks of life needing the best medical care. We facilitate people without much effort to the world-class medical infrastructure with the cutting edge technologies, therapies and surgical techniques. The tradition of providing the clients with a feel-at-home setting makes us unique amongst others.

Our History

Born in the hands of distinguished personalities in an ancient hereditary family of doctors who traditionally practiced Siddha medicine over two centuries, VLF medical tourism has a massive antiquity of its own for over nine generations. Dr. Subramanian, the great grandfather and pioneer of organizing the medical structure, started his legendary clinic in Vellore in 1870. Following his traces of medicine, our grandfather Dr. V.S.Lakshmanan had begun his medical practice in 1927 where he extended his therapeutic eminence across Arcot, Arni and Polur areas in Vellore district. Mr.Raja Gopala Aiyangar, the Deputy Collector of Vellore district certified him as one of the renowned doctors on the 4th of January 1938 for his remarkable treatments. He extended his medical service for people regardless of their age who suffered from liver disorder, Jaundice, skin diseases, Neurological disorders, Rheumatic Arthritis, Gastric ulcers, Diabetes and many more.

The next gen renowned doctors of the family of Dr. V.S.Lakshmanan succeeded him by venturing into allopathic and Siddha medicine in their specialized areas respectively. Dr.V.L.Krishnamoorthy and Dr.V.L.Ravi are continuing to practice their eminent Siddha treatments in and around the Vellore district.